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The Preschool Classrooms,

The Preschool Classes will include children ranging in age from 2 years, 9 months through 4 years old.  This program is designed to prepare children for our Pre-Kindergarten class by sharpening the essential social, emotional and academic skills that will be helpful in making a smooth transition into our Pre-Kindergarten program.
Boy Doodling

Full Day Sessions
The full day sessions are flexible in hours and times.  
We want to be able to provide these sessions which accommodate the schedules of working parents.

The Preschool Curriculum
Within this environment, children are encouraged to explore their world through educational centers: literature, mathematics, the arts, science, computer, music, dramatic play, outdoor play, show and tell, individualized instruction, and group time. Themes will be presented to the children which will incorporate letters, shapes, colors, and numbers, with emphasis on strengthening fine and gross motor skills, as well as social skills. Although it might seem like the children are “just playing”, each activity is carefully planned to help enhance specific skill areas.

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