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Welcome to The Children of Tomorrow,
The Children of Tomorrow Early Learning Center is a full-service child care and preschool development facility that cares for children ranging in age from 2 months old through twelve years old.

The Children of Tomorrow Inc. meets the highest standards in child development and education. The curriculum, coupled with a custom designed facility and exceptional staff ensures a top shelf service for the children and the parents. The Children of Tomorrow Early Learning Center is a developmental and educational based child care and preschool program offering educational instruction in a warm and comfortable setting. Your child will be experiencing an exciting journey of learning, while developing social skills and a sense of independence. 

Taking a tour of The Children of Tomorrow Early Learning Center allows the facility and teacher/student interactions to speak for themselves. Although tours in the industry are standard, we take it a step further by including an observation area outside of our infant, toddler and preschool classrooms. By viewing the classroom through the “observation windows” parents are encouraged to observe the program and their children without being noticed, providing a true representation of what a typical day is like in our center. Providing these observation areas also tends to provide parents with a sense of comfort knowing that they are welcome and encouraged to observe their child within the child care environment. 

Our goal at The Children of Tomorrow is to provide each child with the opportunity to develop skills at their own pace, therefore, creating a strong foundation for future education.

To request more information:

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(508) 248.9922

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