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The Infant & Toddler Classrooms,

The Infant and Toddler classrooms are custom designed with the children's developmental needs in mind.  The classrooms are divided into “centers” which are changed and adapted periodically according to the children’s skill levels, interests, classroom themes etc.
Parent and Child

The infant & toddler program is designed to meet the developmental, physical and emotional needs of children ranging in age from 2 months to 2.9 years old.   There will be one teacher for up to four children and two teachers for five children or more.  The maximum class size for this age group is nine children. Infants & toddlers, by nature, are very inquisitive and constantly exploring their environment; eager to examine each and every new situation they come into contact with.  Our classrooms are custom designed with these needs in mind.  

Each child will be exposed to a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials and activities.  
This program will prepare young children for preschool both developmentally and socially while providing a low child teacher ratio allowing the extra care and nurturing these children require.

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