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Our Philosophy

"We believe that children are unique and therefore provide a program of care and education that addresses each of their particular patterns of growth, previous experiences, temperaments and learning styles.  We plan activities to match the diverse physical, cultural, social-emotional and intellectual needs of the children.

Because we know that children require a positive self-image in order to form relationships and be open to learning, we respect and appreciate them.  We strive to help them feel physically and emotionally empowered; we will do so by encouraging independence, cooperative behavior, problem solving skills and a sense of caring for others.

We believe that tolerance and understanding are fostered by positive exposure to a variety of ages, genders, life-styles, races, cultures, religions and physical abilities, therefore we will provide an environment that welcomes diversity and challenges bias and discrimination."


Angela & Jeff Arsenault,

The Children of Tomorrow, Inc

Charlton, MA

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