Monthly Childcare Rates

*We are open daily at 6:30 am and close daily at 5:30 pm

Full Day Infant Rates 

2 Full Days per week = $695 per month

3 Full Days per week = $1035 per month

4 Full Days per week = $1380 per month

5 Full Days per week = $1690 per month

Full Day Toddler, Preschool & Pre-K Rates 

2 Full Days per week=$525 per month

3 Full Days per week=$780 per month

4 Full Days per week=$1040 per month

5 Full Days per week=$1,235 per month

School Age Program Rates*


Monthly Rates for Before AND After School Care

2 Days/wk=$195 month

3 Days/wk=$295 month

4 Days/wk=$380 month

5 Days/wk=$460 month


Monthly Rates for Before OR After School Care

2 Days/wk=$120 month

3 Days/wk=$180 month

4 Days/wk=$230 month

5 Days/wk=$280 month


Extra Day/Time Rates for Currently Enrolled Students

  • Daily rate for school vacation and snow days = $45 day

  • Early Release & Early dismissal (1/2 day) = $25 day

  • 2 hour delay = $15 day

  • Extra Day before OR after school = $20 day

  • These rates refer to students that are scheduled for these days. All other students will be assessed an extra day charge plus the extra time fee.


Non-Enrolled/Drop In School Age Students

Daily rate = $55


* The Before & After school monthly rates are based on 180 days of school and billed in 10 equal, monthly payments due on the first of every month from September 1st – June 1st. 


We also provide care on early release days, snow days and during school vacations and some holidays.  Charges for those “Extra Days” are additional and you must sign up for them in advance, spots are reserved on a first come first served basis by emailing us at MyDays@thecotinc.com.  


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